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Grow With Doe 100g Curing Bag


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  • Curing and preservation locks in (or loses) quality from the whole cultivation cycle.
  • Burping is labor intensive, can contaminate, alters moisture levels, and loses terpenes with every burp.
  • Curing in our Modified Atmosphere Packaging allows the plant to reach its full flavour potential - a tangible improvement of quality.


TerpLoc integrates 6 elements that protect and nurture optimal curing and preservation.

Durability - Industrial-strength puncture and tear resistance.

Odor - Unique permeability allows off-gassing while retaining terpenes.

Oxygen - Proprietary layers expel oxygen, inhibiting trichome oxidation.

Anti-Static - Prevents electrical charge from stripping trichomes off the plant (unlike glass).

Humidity - Water vapor is transmitted to maintain the optimal microclimate inside. No more humidity packs!

UV - Rays break down cannabis rapidly. TerpLoc® protects against this throughout the post-harvest process.



  • Hang dry 10-14 days, approx. 15.5°C and 60% RH, without direct air contact on the buds.
  • Measure moisture content with a moisture meter (wood meter) on its softest wood setting, probing pins into the stems of a small bud sample.
  • All buds must be in range of 10-12% to cure properly. If higher, mold can form before water vapor is expelled. Dry until reaching 10-12%.
  • Place in TerpLoc® bag, leaving 15-25% headroom to power and sustain the internal microclimate.
  • Close zipper or for best results, use a thermal sealer between 110°C and 140°C to seal the bag with a 3-5 second pulse.
  • Store in a dark room around 15.5°C, up to recommended cure time of 2-3 months.


  • Up to 37% more terpenes compared to manual burping and glass jars.
  • Weight retention by maintaining the moisture levels during the cure.
  • Contaminant protection by eliminating opportunities to enter.

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Refunds & Returns:
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